Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two Sided Face.

Have u ever notice that some people around you have two sided face? Do you have friends like this? I DO. Not one but a few. I can't deny that I kinda get irritated with people like this. Acting nice and sweet in front of me and behind the scene started to back stab you like hell. Can I consider this as betray? Maybe not, she just back stab me that's all. Yes, she was once my close friend, my best friend and I thought we will be forever. However, due to her egoness, pride and jealousy, I became one of her back stabbing victim. I really can't accept it when my another friend told me that how my close friend say bad things about me in front of my ex-schoomate and how she called me a bitch where I just ask her bf ( which is my good fren ) whether they mind giving me a ride back home anot. Just like that I've been called a bitch from my BEST FRIEND. I think I wouldn't know this forever if my friend didnt tell me about this and I'll always thought my close friend is a sweet and nice girl. Here, I DARE say that no matter how much I dislike a person, I NEVER call anyone a bitch before in my entire life! I know many of you does, but I don't. I'm not trying to brag or what, it's just that I think it's rude to call someone a bitch even though that particular girl is unbearable what more my best friend. And now my close friend called me a bitch for nothing?! If there's anything you don't like, tell me straight to my face, not trying to act nice and sweet in front of me and behind my back screw me like hell. Another case was a friend of mine dislike this particular person from the beginning, and guess what? Now that friend of mine is sooooooooooo close with that person. Weird rite? In front of me saying how bad that person is and try not to mix with them if possible but now.. haha. People, cant be predicted. They may smile at you everytime u see them but what's behind the scene, you'll never know. After all, this is the real world that you'll face in the future isn't it?

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