Monday, March 19, 2007

Lucky VS "Lucky"

Ahem... Today's post will be all about how lucky and " lucky " am I today. What so "lucky" happened to me today?? Hahhaaa. Okok, lets go back to this evening at 4.50pm where I was still in the library studying for wednesday exam. Just to realise I had to rush for my tutorial class which is at 5pm. So, I packed my stuff and ran straight to CLC, waited for the lift and went in together with another 2 unknown students. Suddenly, the lift stopped and we heard " ..... Please press the emergency button...." Damn! That was our first thought when we heard that sound. So one girl and I kept on pressing the bell button til someone respond to us asking us. " eh... are u guys ok? " " How many people are there?" " Hey! Need ambulance anot?!!" wth. Hahahhaa.. Anyway, the girl and I talked and talked while waiting for someone to save me and of coz we were very late for our class. The technician came to the resque half an hour later, consider pretty fast if compared to the guy who got stuck in the dark lift for more than an hour. hehee.

The another lucky news is BAC which is my management accounting paper is postponed to later date. Wee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy joy joy, but heck, wasted all my four days studying accounting instead of statistic. Well, at least I did study my accounting. Hee :P :P Now let's not hope it postpone to the 28th or else I'll kill that freaking lecturer who set it because I have another 2paper on that day itself! okay, that's about it about my lucky day. Lol... Gosh how can I forgot to buy TOTO. :P :P toodles, back to study.

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