Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy Busy Week

Just like every sem, there's this one month where I'll go completely berserk about midterms, assignments, projects and finals and yet I have to go through this whether I like it or not. Yeap yeap yeap, this is another hectic month for me, with midterms within these 3 weeks and assignments due date in another few more weeks and two of them in 5days time. Die die die, that's all I can say every sem. Stress stress stress is how I felt every sem. Probably that's what a student have to go through every semester.

I just done with my statistic mid term on Wednesday, the paper is ok and hopefully I really did well. Finger crossed* Now is another battle, a stressful weekend where I have to struggle to complete one critique essay by Monday, statistic assignment by Tuesday and Marketing and Managerial Finance mid term on Wednesday. Of course due to my laziness and as a full time procrastinator, I've been procrastinate a lot alot. I delayed and delayed every work; I delayed studying. Smart! Now I will have sleepness nights till Wednesday. How to finish 4chapters of marketing and 4 chapters of financial management in 5days weiiii.. cham lo.

Sigh, guess I better stop whining about this as I know everyone right now is going through the same thing as I am. One main lesson here, NEVER ever do last minute work! Well well, I have been telling myself this for a zillion times but too bad, I'm still a lazy bum, I still do my assignments near to due date and I still study a few days before exam. Wait, don't say it's cool or whatever okay? It's suffering~ suffering like hell! I can predict that on wednesday I'll go completely insane and crazy, or maybe running around mmu ( not naked mind you! ) or perhaps screaming and letting go my anger at my close friends and bf, or maybe stone when I'm totally lost. Just pray hard that I'll stay calm until the very end or if u see that there's something different in me, then it's advicable to stay 100 metres away from me to avoid any serious injuries. :P Kekekkeee..

Oh ya, my dad bought a new canon digital camera but he didn't tell me about it also. Probably due to the past incident where I lost his camera in Philipine. Careless careless me :( :( woo hoo... Anyway, I might try to camwhore a little with that brand new camera of coz without my parents around otherwise I'll get scolding from dad again. Okay, enough of blogging, have to kick my ass off this chair and start working on my studies... die die die...

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