Saturday, March 17, 2007


PAIN!! It hurts sooooooooooooooo badly. I talking about my tooth here, my so called "wisdom" tooth is growing and it really hurts. Arggghhh... Okay, I got many comments like " hey! finally u have a little bit of wisdom!" " wah.. now only u have ur wisdom tooth ah?" " oh ya, I know it hruts badly coz I got mine few months ago". Hmm.. Interesting. Anyway, I told my mum about this yesterday and she came out with this good method. Mum said according to those old old people last time, they said if we use "asam" and rub it against the gums, it'll will reduce the pain. Okay.. I never heard of that kinda method before but there's nothing wrong to give a shot right since I desperately need some painkiller to relieve the pain. So I took medicine and also try using asam and rub against my gums. Guess what?!! It WORKS!! It just took me 10minutes and all the pain is gone... errr.. not forever la, it came back the next morning. So I continued using that method until now. Now I really wanna thank all those old old people who found this method when there's no pain killer those day. Thank You, u save my life!!!! As for now, I hope this tragedy will end soon bcoz I dun wan it to affect my study mood and on my examination day. So, wish me luck and hopefully I'll be wiser this sem. :) :)

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