Sunday, March 11, 2007


Saw those tiny little bugs in the pictures below?? Eww they are so gross!!!! Introducing the bed bugs!!!!! drum rolls* and YES! my brother's room, parent's room and MY room are affected by those tiny little pest. This is so annoying. This is the 5th day I slept on my sofa every night because of those freaking bed bugs.

It was back to past 5days, while I was sleeping on my bed. Suddenly I saw something crawling beside me and i turn on my hp light and shined at it. Ewww.. nasty little bug. So I decided to have a check on my bed and... oopps.. there's one... and another one over there.. and one more on the wall. Smash* I quickly took my pillow and blanket and went outside and slept on my sofa. The next day, I found that my brother was sleeping on my bed and I was about to know what's going to happen next. Once he woke up, he started to tell me that he had been biten by mosquito again. His whole body is ful of insect bites and at that very moment I told mum. " Mummy, I suspect that my bed has bed bug. " Mum was shocked. "What? bed bug? I never gone through something like this, bed bugs?? oh where izzit? shwo me. " Then I showed my mum and yes there are lots of them under my bed. Lots and lots of them! This really get on my nerve.

Without further delay, Mum and I quickly remove our cushions and matress and dried it under the sun hoping it'l kill those nasty bugs or at least chase them away. Well, it kinda worked. Most of the bugs were gone. No sign of bed bugs. However, me feeling insecure insist of sleeping outside for another day to make sure there's no longer any bed bugs in my room. Unfortunately until TODAY, there is still bed bugs in my room and my parent's room!! ARGHHHHHHHH!! How can I get rid those nasty pest. Get out from my room!! This afternoon, mum sprayed a chemical where we used to kill those white ants and it works. Too bad, now the room stinks! I wonder how long will it take to really ged rid of those pest. Sigh... Anyway, I can't complain much about it, that's it another on the sofa.....

blood sucker pest!!!!


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