Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vacation - Day 2

Day 2 - Today's itinerary is to visit the sleeping Buddha and Burmese Temnple at Jalana Burma, Kek Lok Si Temple, and Underwater Marine Park. Our first stop is to the Sleeping Buddha and Burmese Temple located along Lorong Burma ( azra, I think this is the sleeping buddha u are looking for when u were in Penang ). The sun is blistering hot, fortunately Penang has many trees so it's a little shady sometimes.

So here we are, The Sleeping Buddha. I can't remember when was the last time I visited this temple, probably when I'm 7years old. Hmm.. it's been 13 years since I came back here again.

Family photo :) Can't believe I've grown so much. Still remember that last time I'm still a tiny little girl. Now I'm so tall, taller than mummy d luuuu. Hahahaa.

Next we headed to the temple opposite. A burmese temple. The picture below is the Sima Shrine Hall.
This is what it looks like inside the Sima Shrine Hall. A large and tall Buddha standing.

Our next destination is to the Kek Lok Si Temple. Actually there's nothing much to visit in Penang. Usually we'll just visit the temples and enjoy Penang food. Due to my dad who hasn't visited Penang for more than 10 years, only we decided to bring him to visit once again. Anyway, we reached Kek Lok Si temple pretty fast. There were stalls along the way up to the temple which sells various kind of clothes, t shirts ( such as Ah Lok Cafe ), fans, decoration thingy and many more. Most of all, you can bargain with them. Usually they will raise the price more than 50% for foreigner, so if you are there next time, make sure you bargain for more than 50%.

On the way up the temple, there is one part where they rear lots and lots of tortoise. I think there are hundreds of the. baby ones, young ones, matured ones, teenager ones, adult ones, grandfather ones and even great grand father tortoise. Hahahaa. Some are really enormous! After taking a few pictures of those cute little tortoise, we continued walking up and suddenly, it rained drizzily. How unlucky we were! Without wasting more time, we speed up our pace so that we get to make it to the top in time to see the huge Kuan Yin.

Me, camwhoring around the temple even though it's drizzling. :P :P Kekekeke. Even my dad tak tahan me d. LOL. Dun care la, my brother is as worse as me. He camwhores alot too! Hahahahaa.. luckily I have someone to accompany me this time. At last, we finally reach the tram station where we need to take a tram-elevator to go to the top.

In the tram on the way to the top. Yes, we need to pay RM4 to use this tram.

Tada! Finally we reached the top but too bad it rained like cats and dogs already. it's too heavy for us to even run to the centre and take a picture and run back to the shades. But... but.. we came all the way here and we HAVE to get a picture of ourselves with the huge Kuan Yin. But how?? It's raining so heavily. Thanks to my brother, we did manage to get ourselve a picture with the Kuan Yin without getting soak under the rain. Hahaa. After that, we walked back down and went for lunch near the temple. We had Penang curry mee and char kuey teow again. Hmm.. People always said Penang Food is the best, but I still prefer Melaka food. More delicious, and more varities. :P :P But no doubt, Penang does serve marvelous food too :)
After lunch, we planned to go to the Underwater Marine Park near Bayan Lepas I think. Once again, I'm the map reader. Everything went well until... until there's a junction where we took the wrong turn which leads us to the Penang Bridge! Oh no!!! Die, there's no turning back, you only can make a U-turn after you cross the bridge. Sigh, nevermind, we changed our plan and headed to Sungai Petani to visit my god-aunt's god daughter. We had a light tea over there, played with the little girl and then back to our hotel.
Took a rest before we went for dinner. This time we headed to Gurney Drive. It was still drizzling at that moment. What a mood spoiler, but this rain ain't going to stop us from hunting for good food. Kekekeee. So we had lok lok, sotong kangkung, mamak maggie goreng, oyster egg and ABC. Oh ya, for the first time ever, my dad ordered ABC for himself!!! Note : Ice/cold drinks or ice cream or whatever which is cold is a big NO NO to my dad. This time he break his barriers and ordered ABC! Wow. ahhhaahhahaa.. Well, we did had a wonderful dinner and that is all.... end of day 2.

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