Saturday, June 16, 2007


Bet everyone here knows MMU rite?? Like duh... Multimedia University. For those who are coming to MMU this comin sem, these are the few things that you need to know about this "great" MMU.

Firstly, MMU stands for Money Making University. Like what it says there, they makan your money too the max. For instant, just recently MMU Management has approved the new charges for vehicle stickers. For cars will be RM12, where as for motor will be RM2. Read below, I copied this from friendster bulletin board. That explains everything.

"They Fcking raised parking sticker fromRM1.50 to a whopping RM12!!! Rob money ar???Student parking area so few liao stilldare to increase price.
1.MMU parking always full. U expect usto pay RM12 to park at EP izzit!!!
2.If EP oso full, park some no parkingarea, MBMB will fine.
3.If park at staff area becoz of noparking slots in the student area, MMUsecurity will oso saman!!!
4.Madness...we ought to sign petition orsth bout this...n also to better equipthe campus' gym...wahahaha..get newbars,squat rack,more 45lbs plates...
5.If the RM12 got include Free ParkingPass at any location in Melaka..ok la..
6.Next,MMU will probably build parkingmeters.."

MMU moneysucker!

Hmm.. well, let's proceed to the second thing about MMU. Presenting, the MMU Security Department. Well, I would say that they are pretty efficient... EFFICIENT IN SUMMONING THE STUDENTS!!! Yes, they are like No.1 when it comes to summoning students. On the contrary, if you really need help from the security, they'll take their own sweet time. So call securities.

Thirdly, the most inefficient part of MMU is the Finance Department which takes soooooooooooooooooooo long to settle club funds and so on. That you have to ask those event directors to know how frust they are when they want to claim their money back.

Forthly, some MMU staff are not friendly! Especially MMU Admin. Dun blame me, I got many complains about MMU Admin staff from many friends already. I'm just listing whatever my friend had experienced before this.

So far these are the few that I remember, anyone else who wants to add smtg more about MMU, do feel free to drop a comment or at my chatbox. :) :) I know you guys have more complains that I do. Hahahaha. Anyway, 2days more to go! I'm looking foward to class. Guess I'm the only one looking foward to.. since my other friends still enjoy their holiday so much!

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