Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sales Sales MEGA Sales!!!!

Pictures- courtesy of Azra, Mich and Eo. :) :) My hp's camera sucks... so u know la... hahaa.

It's been such a long time since I went out with Eo, Azra and Mich. Since dad and mum went to KL this morning, I grabbed this opportunity to go shopping with the galsss. Kekekeke.

This is Azra and there's Eo
and of coz our princess mich

Went to Tangkak Beef Noodle Shop for lunch. Yum yum.. :P As usual with those three gals, they started camwhoring when we just after we sit down... and they camwhore again when the food arrived... AND they camwhore again when they finised their bowl of noodle. Hahaha.

camwhoring session

Now you see....

Now you don't

After that, we went to DP and started shopping!!!!!!! Pictures will be upload after I steal them from Eo and Mich. Suddenly, Miss Azra went missing. Tried smsing her.. no reply. Tried calling her... no network. Isssshh... finally we managed to get her and she was enjoying herself at Starbucks. Grrr.. Hahhahaa.

Next, we crossed over to MP. Went to Sasa, sinma and rest and relax. Eo got her hair done in SInma. Chun-ness... and then, we camwhore again. Muahahahaa.

eo getting her hair done
Ish.. I'm the only one who did silly faces. Grrrrrrrrr....

Mich and I tried this white dress. Azra said it looks like wedding gown. LOL. Anyway, we didnt get it, too lose for me though.. Unfortunately, I dun have the asset to wear this dress. Hahhaaa.

Eo posed with all the stuff that we bought. Hahhahaaaa....

gila-ness. Eo posed with her dream MNG purse.. damn cheap! hahahaa.

Before we headed to JJ, we stopped at a shop near IJC to have ice cream. The weirdest part is this shop only have to flavour of ice cream. Chocolate and Jagung, and their jagung doesnt taste like jagung flavour at all, its more to vanilla.

Tada!! our lovey ice cream and it's very cheap! ONLY RM2.80 and mich's one scoop of ice cream only cost her RM0.80.
Us again.. never stop camwhoring until we reached home.

Before that, Azra wanted to stop by Jusco to buy Khei Uno card. So, we went to Jusco where Mich and I had our second ice cream. Hhahaha.
Eo sibuk sibuk wanna be in the picture. Hahahahahaa...

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