Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Sem, New Life, New Aim, New Determination!!

Yeap, I know I'm a little too late posting about my new semester. Well, not that I'm busy, but I'm just lazy :P :P Bad Adelene.. bad Adelene. When will I learn to be more hardworking?! Ish... Haha.. anyway, let's get back to my new semester.

Due to my unsatisfied result that I attained last trimester, It kinda woke me up from my big dream. Yes, like I said every single trimester after I received my results, " Oh my.. I did so badly again this sem.. dissapointed.. yeap! Im going to "pia" for next sem!! ". Yada yada yada.. Typical Adelene that everyone knows. :P A lazy bum and an ultimate procrastinator. Just like last sem, I was aiming for 1st class... in the beginning I was rather "hardworking" as in I did all my tutorial, and try my best to listen in class. However as time goes by, my old-disease seems to return. Yes, I slowly stopped doing my tutorial, didnt pay much attention in class and so on. Certainly I had expect what kinda result I can get.

So much for a new determination ya? LOL.. Can't even stay focus and concentrate at my target. What a failure. Anyhow, I'm not done yet. I think it's worth to have a second shot. Just like what I did during alpha 3rd trimester. Set a target ( mission ), layout my strategies and plan, and go for it! hahaa.. See, I still make use of what I learned in Management ok? Ooops.. forget the evaluation part. :P:P So, gambate Adelene!! Ill definitely find a target or person as motivation. Shh.. so not gonna tell who i'm aiming. hahaha. Guys jus wish me luck k? I really hope I can be more hardworking this sem. Cross my fingers*

Enough of that, now lets see what's ahead in 3rd trimester. Basically I'm taking 7 subject this sem. U r right, another extra subject. Not to say I'm trying to act smart as if I can handle all other 6 subjects within my finger tips. I took it because I have great assignment group members this time who will work their ass off, right azra? hahaha. Secondly, it's because it's only 1credit hour and I've heard rumors that maybe this is the last sem cyberpre will not have any examination. Most probably after this sem, there will be exams for this subject and I so wanna get out from that seriously. Hate exams! I know I need to work to this sem. Not ez.. 6difficult subject.. wait its 7. Now that my friend told me its hard to score in cyberpre.. oh gosh.. why is this happening to me??!! Worst of all Im having another accounting subject!! Hate accounting! Not only that, I have 2 maths subject exclude accounting which is statistic and financial management. The others are Advance English ( which is kinda hard for me coz i suck ), marketing ( lotsa memorizing ), Managerial Communication ( lotsa public speaking and debate.. im sweating.. stage fright and I can speak! ) . Doubt I can socre this time :( sob sob.

Anyway.. I'm glad to back for class. Meet all my friends again... get to kacau ppl again... havin fun again! Wee! It's so fun!! hehee.. More activities this year but my mum sounded me last week already. Asking me to cut down on my activities. I understand, she's just worry I cant manage it. But come on... this is where I learn things. No matter what, I'll still cut down my activities and maybe only focus one one or two only. :) Other than that? hahaha.. forget about it. Oh ya! another good news for me. Yesterday I was browsing through bulletin board. And guess what I found?? There's a dancing class from Aerobic Club!! woohoo! It stated modern dance. Wonder izzit those new jazz or hip hop or izzit modern dance as in latin and ballroom dance. Im so gonna join! I wan I wan!! Hahahaa..

Guess that's all I'm gonna tell about my 1st two days. :) til then... take care guys and welcome back to MMU! :) cheers.

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