Saturday, January 20, 2007


That's right... Today is my whole day out to hunt for my CNY ( chinese new year ) clothes. Usually every year, I have something in mind for example how I wanna dress up this time, what kind of blouse I'm looking for this and that. However this year, things seems to be pretty much different. For once I didn't have any idea how to dress up this time hence I do not have a target or aim of the clothes I want. This really makes my clothes hunting a little bit more difficult. Alwiz asked myself and bugged my fren val, " Val ah... what to buy ah this year? " LOL.

Just about 2hour and 48minutes ago, I'm done with my hunt. :) happy happy girl now. So what did I bought in the end? Lets see..........

2pairs of jeans ( not branded one but somehow I like it so i bought it ), 1 dress, 1 spaggeti strap top from MNG, 1 blouse from P&Co, 1 t-shirt from Body Glove.

Body Glove is having sale now!! woohoo!! 50% discount for every item!! It's like heaven! Means it's about rm25ONLY. hahahaa.. I wanted to buy more but I remembered that my aim is for CNY clothes not any body glove t shrit for new year. So I only bought one.. another thing is I'm broke too... how sad. sob sob.

Now what is left to be hunt :
1) Shoes! probably wanna get boots to match with my dress. :P
2) I want that jacket that Chun Hwee asked me to try!!! I want!! I forgot what brand d.. oopps. Anyone willing to buy for me :) hehehe.. CH can get me 30%discount. It's RM90smtg after discount :) :)
3) More accesseries i.e. necklace ( I know I got alot ), ribbons, hair bands.... etc etc.
4) Thought of dying my hair.. should I? I'll go for dark brown.
5) Ya, almost forgot.. mayb another skirt? hehee

That's all I guess. Wow, cant believe I spend so much this time. Habis luu all my money.. I'm not going to post up any picture of the items I bought.. It's suppose to be for CNY so... hehehe. :P:P

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