Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions.

It's the year 2007, I have never make any resolution for the past 19year. Well, I think I should start listing it down this year. :)

1. To maintain my weight and waist length. :P :P
- Not going to tell out what's my weight, I myself know it's good enough.
- No dieting but try to avoid eating junk foods.
- Exercise at least once a week.
- Do sit up every night before sleep so that I wil get rid of my tummy :(:(

2. To be more hardworking.
- This not only apply in studies but also in daily routine.
- Try to pay attention in class ( which i doubt i can )
- Try to do all the tutorials.
- Try to start revising from the 1st class onwards

3. To be a more confident person
- Im lack of self esteem and self confident. Is there a way to increase my confident? Sigh...

4. To not be so careless
- Be more responsible... not so careless... not so lun zhun.

So far these are my resolutions. Cant think much more d. Now work for it girl!

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