Friday, January 26, 2007

Shopaholic 2

Sorry guys for lack of updates these few days. I'm really out of idea what to post this week because nothing interesting happened unless u still willing to hear me whine about my holidays la. Hahaa.. no worries, no more whining post this time.

Yeap, it's another day of shopping for me :) but this time I'm not alone, I'm with my best friend Val. 1.10pm - Val smsed asking me whether I'm free to accompany him for some shopping spree anot. At that very moment, I'm still undecided yet, thinking whether to go or not to go because I was supposed to sweep and mop the floor. Without further delay, I just tell my dad I'm going out and quickly pick up the broom and mop and started cleaning so that I can go out later. wink :P

So basically Val is the one who wants to shop this time, she needs to go Jusco and Li Ren ( some boutique la ) and DP to shop. Her aim : A short jeans skirt and a thights. So we headed to JJ shop awhile then went to Li Ren where she manage to get herself a jeans skirt. Upon leaving the store, we suddenly met our primary schoolmate. Ohh.. I didnt meet her ages.. let me count...errr.. i think almost 5years since I left SMK Tun Tijah. Thank God she still remembers me. :) we chatted for awhile and wanted to leave. Just at that very second, Val spotted a pirncess crown necklace that the model outside wore. OMG I tell u this girl... menggila-gilakan everything tat got to do with princess crown range from shirt to necklace. Val went crazy about it and the way she look at it with her nose stuck to the glass frame. LOL.. well, im just exagerrating here. :P:P But Val is really crazy about that necklace, to her surprise it wasnt expensive. It's only RM16.90. Therefore... she took it! hahahaa...

Our last stop will be DP. She asked me whether I wanted to go and have a look at DP anot since there's a sale going on in Padini. I told her I'm ok with it, and off we go. Hehee.. Oh My.. tat was the silliest mistake I had ever made, well not really la. Why? This gal la ( val ) kept on bringing to her place and showing me all the latest stock and design and most of them is on sales now!! Without hesitate we took a few clothes to try. We were like " ohhh...awww... owww... oh god.. oh my... its damn nice la... hey val i wan this la.. hey val im falling in love with this la... hey.. u la.. ur fault.." in the fitting room. hahaha. Everyone of them is nice, I cant decide which one I should bring it home :P:P this or that... but this look nicer wor.. but that unique aso wor.. that another one the colour aso nice. Hmm,.. wasted half an hour in the fitting trying and deciding. Well, typical girls day out isnt it? Alas, I have chosen my favourite one...the purple blouse! TADA.

cant see it clearly la.. but it's really nice :)

Val was in love with my purple shirt too but she's in love with another grey blouse. So she took that instead. On our way back, Val was like complaining and whining to me about her spending so much that day.

Val : " yerr... all ur fault la, tempt me to buy so much! "
Me : " where got le.. u are the one who ask me to see see and try try le.. now u tempt who?"
Val : " You la! said wan go DP.. now I spend more money d le. haha"
Me : " hey, who's the one who wanted to go DP and said she just wan to have a look oni ah?"
Val : " Errr.. but still... u tempt me le.. "
Me : " No le.. It's more like u tempt me by asking me to try and see le and showing me all the cheap cheap blouse le "
Val : " Ish.. I shouldnt buy tat necklace la... sigh.. now i left RM15 for the whole month, oh no.. i forgot.. I still owe LHH RM10 for top up... oh noo.. means i left RM5?? :( sob sob"
Me : " hahaha.. nvm la... at least u got all the nice nice stuff rite?"
Val : swt
Me : Laughing.. hahaha.

- end of the girls day out :) grins*

p/s : actually i really like my tat purple blouse.. wanted to find that kinda blouse and its on sale! 50% discount.

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