Saturday, February 03, 2007


He xing nian , zhu xing nian, xing nian ah... lala~

Chinese New Year is coming in a corner.. Yahoo!! well... here's my checklist :

- New clothes? ( checked )
- New pants ( checked )
- New hat ( checked )
- New skirt ( in the process )
- New shoes ( in the process )
- New earrings ( in the process )
- Clean the house ( in the process )
- Dye my hair ( checked )

That's it.. more shopping and house cleaning to do! :) Tomorrow I'll have to clean the whole house with mummy. Then maybe we can hang hang the laterns. Hee :P Oh.. how I wish I can get more ang pao this year. Perhaps win alot in a little money from poker at home :P:P

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