Monday, February 19, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

This will be just post on why I didn't update the blog for a long time. As u all know CNY is here.

First day : Went to aunties,grand aunties and uncles and great grandauntie's house. As usual everyone said I grew taller even though my height last year and this year is the same. even if it increase, it'll only be 1cm extra. Whatever. We woke up early in the morning, dress up nicely which i took almost an hour and then soja my parents wishing them panjang panjang umur this and that. haha.. This year a little bit special, I even had to soja my two brothers. Why? Of course to collect ang pao's from them la. After that, we headed to my dad's side at Batu Berendam. We had lunch at my aunt's house and later make a move to my mother's side. Went to Koh Poh Seh house first with Tua Yi and my cousins. Met my Ee Cik and Ng Teo there. Soja them and yet another ang pao into my bag. :P Hahahaa. Next, we went to Cik Kung's house. Kor Kor Simon and Jie Jie Joyce came back from Singapore served us delicious roti jala with yummylicious rendang! Oh my... it's soooooo ssoooooooooo YUMMYLICIOUS!! and I ate about 10roti jala at that time. So no surprise if u see me a little bit fatter when class starts again. :) After that delicious meal, we headed to Ku Kung's house but I didnt ate anything there because I was still very very full. Our last stop was Tua Yi's house. Soja my grandma and enjoy kuih pai-tee that Tua Yi made. Yum Yum. We left Tua Yi's hosue around 5pm and straight back home. What a tiring day. Just at the moment me and mum wanted to take a nap, soemone came to our house. It's mum's friend and to my surprise his daughter was Hui Yen, my classmate. hahahaa.. What a small small world. Later at night, we didnt go anywhere. So where did my free time went?? It's none other than the baba nyonya tradition ( maybe only this nyonya family ) which passed down from generation to generation... which is... The Art of Gambling and The Art of Psychology in Gambling ( LOL!! those in voices will understand about that art of psychology in gambling thingy. Hahahahahhahahahahaha ). As Yeo family, we will start gambling when the sun sets and stop gambling after 12am. LOL. So that's it for day 1.

Second day of CNY :
We woke up very early too because we sort of having a mini open house. Well, only for family members and my dad's very close friends only. We ordered roti jala, rendang, nasi hempit and it's kuah. Many people came today, none of them were my friends la. Hahahaa.. Oh ya.. this morning on our way back home, we picked up a pity little dog on the street. It is a shih tzu breed. It was raining cats and dogs outside, and the dog seemed to walk aimlessly and there's no sign of his owner. How can his owner just let him wandering around when it was raining so heavily? So without hesistate, dad brought him home. After the rain stop we brought the dog out to search for his owner but in vain. No signs of people claiming for a missing dog. :( Nevermind, dad brought him home and bath him and found out that he's very very thin. As in u can only feel his bones, flashless with its fluffy fluffy fur. Pity him. Mum said she saw him wandering around few days ago, I bet he was abandoned by his owner. Therefore, we took him in and named him LUCKY. Hehehee. Anyway, I was gambling few hours ago and I lost more than RM20.How sad :( sob sob. Nevermind, I'll try my best to win back all soon... okay... back to my gambling session.. Ja ne!!

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