Monday, February 12, 2007


Oh gosh! Look what happened to me now??!! As mentioned on the title above, I HAVE a bad hair day. :( hooo hoo. Somehow my hair is frizzy today, EXTREMELY frizzy. I wanna cry... I feel liek cutting it away, but I still want my long long hair. Cries* How, can anyone help me with this? I just steam my hair last few weeks. What should I do now?? Hmm.. nvm nvm, I'll try to use lots and lots of hair condition later though it's really late by now. Whatever la! I need to get my hair done by today, please pray hard that it'll be back to normal after shampooing later. :(

Oh ya, sorry Azra. The chocolate that we made yesterday failed. They seem not to get harden even when we put them in the fridge. Mum said that we shouldn't add water when we stir the chocolate in the first place. Sigh... Blames aunt for teaching us the wrong method and now the chocolates are all wasted. :( :( Anyway, I'll just stop here, gotta do my tutorial question now or else I'll be soooooo dead tomorrow. :P

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