Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Happy Dayout!

Sorry guys for there will be no pictures for this post at the moment because all the pictures we took is in Alex's hp. Now I have to wait for another one week for him to get back here and upload all the pictures. By then I'll edit this post and fill it with lots and lots of pictures ok?

So at the mean time, I'll just roughly describe what we did and how we celebrate on Valentine's Day. Basically, we have morning classes til late evening and that's why we celebrate it at night. Alex and I had a hard time deciding where we should have our dinner. Alex then suggests that we first head to Melaka Raya and search for food there and there. :) Sounds pretty cool to me cause I'm very bad in deciding where to go and this and that.

Upon our arrival at Melaka Raya, we came across Windmill and Amigo. Alex wanted to try Amigo as we can get Windmill in Jusco Bukit Beruang itself. So we went to Amigo instead. Well well, nothing less for Valentine's Day. Amigo was packed with people and mind you... most of them are not couples, they come in family. That's pretty surprising for me.. Hmm. Doesnt really matter, we celebrate Valentine with our love ones right? One of the staff there asked us to wait for awhile and we stood there about 10-15minutes and plan to change our plan rather than waiting for our turn. Therefore, we went for Korean Food instead!! LOL. Since Alex haven't tasted it before and wanted to at least try it once, so we went to the Korean Restaurant ( DA CHANG JIN - which is a famous korean drama about a girl who enter the palace and became a very good cook and then with plots and drama.. yada yada yada... ) which is opposite Pure Bar.

Surprisingly, I was kinda excited of the whole environment and the decoration of the restaurant itself. I felt... I felt.. I was once again in Korea. Feeling nostalgic I could said. :) I really wish to go back to Korea one day again. Heheee.. However, I still have this bad mind set about Korean food. To be honest, I don't really like Korean food after I tried them in Korea itself. Especially KIMCHI!! Yucksssss! By the way, Kimchi is a spicy salted cabbage. Anyway, we ordered a soup which had bean curd mix with eggs in it. It tatse great!!!!!!!! Yummylicious but it was a little bit too spicy for Alex. This restaurant even serve you free 10side dishes just like those dishes I had in Korea. Well, not really excited about it as u know how much I dislike Korean food. :P ooppss.. sorry.. but I just dun like it. But this time, some of the dishes are pretty nice such as the siham, sausage.. etc etc. Then here it comes when the Kimchi was serve. I've warned Alex about Kimchi for god knows how long ago... and now he had the chance to try it.... He took up his chopstick, take a slice of kimchi and slowly taste it.. and... there appears his expression on his face.... the expression which I can tell it wasn't something good.... which also I can describe in a word... "YUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" LOL. After that none of us touches that kimchi. Told ya right? it sucks. Hehehe.. however, overall it is a satisfying meal.

Me at the korean restaurant, waiting for food.

After our meal we went to the fun fair. Alex decided to bring me there because I only been to the fun fair ONLY once in my life time and that also with my mum and brother. This time it was with him. Nothing special or interesting in this fun fair compared the one I went last time. We tried our luck on the " throw the ring into the bottle" game, which is unlikely to enter although they gave us dozens of rings. It's really hard, no wonder they willing to give away a HUGEEE mashimaro if we get to enter two rings. hahaahha..

At the fun fair

Next, we rushed to DP to get ourself a treat of ice cream since I wanted it sooooo badly. Hahaha.. we had mango flavour and chocolate with rums. Yummy! Thought of visiting valerie too but the shop already closed, we can't get to enter. How sad.. :( Nevermind la... we went back home then.

Overall, it was really a nice and happy day out with Alex. :) Wish I could sneak out more often. Wait... It's how I wish I can go out freely with Alex one day without sneaking behind my parents back. :( :( Parents wouldnt understand us... never!

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