Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Christmas Christmas...

Sorry guys for the late updates on here. Well, I know u all deserve an explaination. So what happened was my internet line went head wire. Don't ask me why coz I dunno anything about it. My bro had been complaining since last tuesday and nothing had been done, til yesterday my bro made his last call and scolded the customer service people that if they don't get this fix by this tuesday ( which is today ), he'll report to dunno who la. I was there when he's on the line, and he's scary... hooo.. Anyway, seems like this technique kinda work! I manage to on9 today. :) Wee!

Ok, so back to what I did few days before.

22rd December :
Went to MP with Alex again to do our final christmas shopping. Before that we went to Melaka Central to get alex's bus ticket, thank god the water level is not that high that time. The worst part or I supposed the fun part is we have to think of a route which doesnt lead us to a place which was flooded on that day. Everywhere in Melaka flood, so we have to make one big U turn to go to MP. We went round and round MP for countless time but only managed to get presents for his sister, bro and cousin. We went back about 5pm because I got to fetch my dad from Bukit Cina at 6pm. SIgh.. Spoilt our shopping mood. As for Alex, he went back to Kajang at night celebrating christmas back there.. so nice :(

23th December :
Bored bored day. I didn't do anything actually so i decided to call Val out to go shopping at JJ. How lame.. there's nothing nice to shop there. Wanted to get a Body Shop Body Lotion, but dunno why i changed my mind. Later we met our old friend.. my ex secondary school classmate to be exact. We chatted for about 1hour and then headed back home.

24th December :
It's christmas eve and guess what I did the whole day? Stay at home doing nothing.. yeap.. doing nothing. I didn't go anywhere to celebrate or go to portuguese settlement with my friends. Of coz my friends called me along but as all of my friends know, I cant go out and come back late at night. Sigh... poor girl. So I suppose u called this as Silent Christmas Eve Night or perhaps Lonely Night. Nvm, I was hoping to catch a nice christmas movie on tv, but wth! How come there's none this year.. no nice nice christmas movie at all! How sad.. where's the christmas spirit. Oh please dont tell me that they cant put it on due to flood??! that doesnt make sense at all...

25th December :
12.00am, I smsed most of my friends and also got a unexpected call from Rashad. Thanks dude.. thought u forget me d. :) Everyone seems to be busy and happy at that time. I was thrilled and excited too but deep inside I felt sad and lonely. Went to bed around 1smtg.. feeling lame and sad and lonely.. Damn I really hate this feeling man! Got a morning message from kirks and Ann. Kirks.. hmm.. not going to say anything about it. As for Ann, she invited me for lunch at her house. Some of my friends are going too. So went there at 2.30am, bought some vodka as christmas presents for her but then it ended up our gang finished all her vodka.. how sad.. Nvm, at least I had mine which is sucky. After that we went home... I didn't do anything else after that, just watched movie, eat, sleep, watch drama.. Sigh. At night.. this is horrible! I felt lonely again. Someone suggested that I should sing the song Lonely by Akon for these couple of days. Maybe I should. Really really down especially on christmas day. In addition, my hard disk just spoilt yesterday. it just spoilt like tat when I'm halfway through my movie. Really damn unlucky. Dah la no internet... not hard disk spoilt. Now having the Internet back doesnt make any difference at all... well, it does.. a little, at least I can use my brother's pc. But still damn sad..

And now.. Im sitting here.. Lazy and feeling lame, dun even have the motivation to study. Sigh. Can anyone make me happy? Please?? :( :( Finals will be in one week time. I dunno whether I can handle it this time. Maybe yes if I got the study mood back, maybe not if i continue to be like this. This post will ends with a sigh... SIGH................................................................

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