Saturday, December 02, 2006

Adelene's Day Out :)

Thursday , 12pm, after our boring BEC class.

Standing outside A1 ( CLC 0001 ) for at least 15minutes to decide where to go. " EP?? nono... MP? wah.. far la... Ixora then, yerr... dun wan la. Then where wor! " Finally, all of us decided to skip Psychology just to go MP. :P :P Budak zaman sekarang.... ahahaha. So, destination had been decided, now who's going with whose car now. Well, since Kirks bully me like hell that day, I decided not to follow his car. I went with Khei, Azra and Omarul while Kirks with Kalai and Michelle. :P:P

We went to Kenny Rogers for lunch and camwhore a little. Well, Michelle was the one who wanted to snap our beautiful faces to post into her blog. :) hehehe.

~ Best Picture of the Day ~

Khei enjoying his gelojoh!

Omarul (poser), Khei and Azra( the lovely couple ) Kalai and Princess Mich
budak sewel kirks and me
Later Kirks got a sms from Lydia. The gang is coming here too. Wee! the more the merrier. Anyway, we got a 10% discount due to my previous FBL card. Hee.. I didn't even use it once since I got it.
After our lunch, the girls decided to go BUM City, I followed the guys to the arcade. Mervyn, Lionel and Alex joined us later while Kirks went back home. We played Daytona....
Alex and Lionel ( beside Alex )
Mervyn : " Gear roask la! "

and also go for bowling... Hee.

Clap clap for all the professional bowlers :p

Our very own Shalin Zulkifli, princess Mich

Smile Kalai.. smile.. :) :)
Ish... what Khei and Azra doing ah...
Mervyn and I ( Spin mervyn, spin! )
" Lene, masuk longkang again ah?? "
Here's our princess bowler... with style.
Its mervyn again..
Azra : " mervyn! spin spin, spin the ball "
Us : " aiks.. masuk longkang ah?"

The King of Ten Pin Bowling.. Mr Lionel

Alex tunggu punya tunggu, bola tak muncul muncul lagi
( this line is taken from Seniman Bujang Lapok, masterpiece of Tan Sri P Ramlee )
Next, we girls continued our shopping spree!! wee! and we went to Rest and Relax to try out fw outfits. I like the top that Kalai and Mich wore.. damn chun! I do like the dress I tried too.. but it seems that I'm too tall for it... maybe not. hhhee..
Snap * snap * snap * snap *
and again....snap* snap* snap*

and of coz my turn to camwhore..
Well, the dress is actually nicer than what u can see here.
So that's it... we went back about 4smtg or 5pm. Obviously we skipped our Psychology class to have fun. Nevermind la, once in a blue moon we do that. heee.. Before that, we finished our bowling game at 3.40pm, Lionel, Mervyn and Alex rushed back to MMU to attend Psychology which is at 4pm. Haha.. Wonder if they reached there in time... doubt so. :P In a nutshell, it was a great time hanging out with friends. :):)

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