Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy Busy Week...

I just came back from MMU and now I'm sooooooo damn tired not sleepy but tired. Sigh.. Gotta prepare the charity event for the next three days, decorate the arch, decorate the booth's partition and others. So poeple, do support us for our charity event! The event will be held from tomorrow onwards, Monday til Wednesday at FIST building, 11am - 5pm. We have old books, electronic gadgets and clothes for sale, so come come come! Be good since it's Christmas. :) :)

Besides that, I have to pass up my freaking assignments on Thurs! and I have presentation on Thurs itself. Now I gotta rush my assignment part to hand it to my friend. Suppose to be tonight and tomorrow but I'll just try to negotiate with them :p No worries, I'll definitely pass up my assignment on time due to all the reason I have. Headache headache... not to forget my Economics exam on Wed night and mind you... I HAVEN STUDY A SINGLE THING!!! and I HATE ECONS!! How la... I think I better study my Alpha Economics text book to get the rough idea of microeconomics since it's slightly the same as the Microeconomics now. :) okok, study today! Adelene.. Gambate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaa.. I know you can handle this. :):)

Anyway, this coming weekend I'm going to Kajang with Keen. Wee! Hope we'll have lotsa fun. So after Thursday, I'll be a happy happy girl. :):) smile smile. I shall stop here, lotsa works to do. People, don't forget ahhh... tomorrow tomorrow, support us for our charity event! or else you wont get any christmas present from Santa. Hahaa.. chiao.

Before that.. here's some picture we took during our preparation for the event :
Snip Snip Snip* Paste paste paste* Colour colour colour*
Sharon doing the outline

Took a picture of them during our lunch :)

Someone trying to act as a cat as well, can u spot the similarities? :P

Tada!! Finally.. our lovely arch... we have a snowman too!

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