Sunday, December 03, 2006

7 ladies and 1 gentleman :)

Perception... sensation.. neuron... neurotransmitter.. perpectual organization.. Arghh.. Finally, I'm done with my Psychology mid term. How was it?? It was GREAT!! It's kinda easy til I did an extra question for section which u only need to do one. Because of my "kepo-ness" gatal gatal did an extra question, my friend said the lecturer would minus marks for those who did more than one question. Damn! Whatever la.. At least I know I can answer all the questions for structure. Anyway.. 2down, 1 to go. BEC. The subject that I worried the most and my weakest subject so far. I personally do not think it's really that hard but we got sucky lecturer who always irritate us by asking us to be mindful, this and that, plus I didnt listen in class nor study for the subject. How cool right.. haha... we'll just see how the paper goes on the 13th. Hee. :P:P

So, as usual the ladies had a plan for Saturday night and fortunately luck is on my side, I get to join them! Not to say I can't join them la, it's just that with my limited freedom given by my parents, I couldn't go out at night. Yesterday, my mum and brother went to Genting which means I can get a car to go shopping and have fun with my girls!! woohoo!! i'm a happy happy girl yesterday. :):)

I reached MP at 3.30pm to meet Eo and Fook Wing. Then continued shopping with them.. from Comma to Seed, from Seed to Vincci and on and on. Pity Fook Wing, he's the only guy among us and he gotta accompany Eo and I wherever we go. However, he seemed to enjoy shopping with us, don't you? lol. Later we went to this shop ( I forgot the name of the shop d ) and tried out some clothes. I tried a white skirt and a purple jacket recommended by my best friend Val. Val love it alot when she tried it another day. OMG!! I love that jacket too! It's so so so cool! I want that for my christmas present!! I want I want! Anyone here willing to buy for me?? anyone..?? *muka kesian*. Later we went to Body Glove because of its 70% discount. haha, Eo and I tried on a few t-shirt and got ourselve one. It's cheap!! cheap cheap cheap! ONLY at RM14.

7.20pm, called Kalai coz i'm suppose to take her along to the lala shop to meet Azra, Akmal and Michelle for dinner. Have fun during dinner and as usual, we camwhore. Haha.. Fook Wing is our personal photographer on that day. Thanks! Haha. After dinner we went to MP again for bowling, unfortunately we have to be on the waiting list. Without further delay we headed to Senyum which have a bowling alley too. However, the lane were sucky. No matter how you throw the ball, it will always roll to the left. For those three people there ( Fook Wing, Eo and Akmal ), they were the one who said that they dunno how to play but they are the one who scored top 3! Ish!! Bencinya... haha. After our game, Akmal and Azra headed back while Mich, Eo, FW and I went to pure.

This was actually my first time stepping into Pure. Basically I just wanted to look around and see what is it like and of course to meet my friend Tze Yang who came back from Cyber too. Well, someone asked me how's my trip to Pure. It's actually kinda nice with the lighting effects, damn cool. Really like that alot. The problem is yesterday was really pack, you can't even have a space to dance. Anyway, the place was cool with the nice interior and lighting effects but I don't think I'm keen to go there often to hang out. I shall remain being a good good girl :) :) Hmm.. maybe its also because I'm sick of clubbing since I went clubbing almost every single night in Philippines. I shall say that I still prefer drinking at home or somewhere else with my friend while we can have a nice chat. That will be nicer. :)

After spending there for 1hour plus, four of us headed back home. Reached home at 1.30am. Oh my.. this is my first time coming back so late. Shh.. better not let my parents know or else I'm so dead! Thanks girls not forgetting Fook Wing. hehee.. I really do enjoyed my night yesterday. :)

At the lala shop... 7girls. ( eo, me,mich, akmla, azra,parinie and kalai )

Azra, Mich and Akmal

Lene, Akmal, Mich at Senyum Bowling Alley

Here goes Princess Mich

The one who said she can't play but got 2nd place

See see.. those who can't play score the highest

Eo, Lene and Mich @ Pure

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