Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spidey 3

Last friday, me, lydia, sue may, crystal, jac and yat kao yat kao ( :P ) went and watch Spiderman 3!!!!! Woohooo.. Spidey 3 is HAWT! Nice.. at least for me la compared to the previous two. The movie is about 2and half hours. Kinda long.

After movies, we went to Old Town to makan and minum. I ordered peanut butter toast ( sounds more glamour than roti bakar :P ) and carnation milk tea ( teh ais.. hahaha ). Well, it does taste good though. We sat there and chat while enjoying our roti bakar and teh or kopi until 3.50pm. Mind you, we have class at 4pm! Hahahahaa.. but since it's the same old boring Managerial Communication lecture, we tend to take our own sweet time to go to class. :P :P Reach MMU at 4.25pm. Half an hour late, but who cares. The most important part of the entire class is the last part where lecturer gives us tips for finals. Wait, I shall not say it's tips. It's just a guideline to tell us what to study, which is important and so on.

Anyway, finals is within one week time and I'm still procrastinate alot. I drew out my time table but then.. didnt manage to follow it :P:P Sigh.. so how now? Seems like no choice, by hook or by crook I need to get it done tonight! And tomorrow, I need to fight for an empty place in the computer lab to register my course for next sem. Okay, gtg. See ya folks! and wish everyone all the best in the coming finals :)

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