Friday, May 18, 2007

Exam Fever...

Seriously... This is soooo tiring! Why we have to suffer this every sem? Sigh... I know I shouldn't study last minute again. Every holiday I get frust when I got my result and determine to study earlier and harder for the next sem. But, it seems that I never took this really seriously and therefore I suffer even more during the exam week. Bad girl. Anyway, I don't really feel like talking about exams now. What's in my mind right now is what I should do or what I would like to do during the holidays :

1. clean my study room: It's been in a big mess! Books everywhere, papers at every corner like a junk yard. I ain't want any cockroaches, lizards or any disgusting creatures in my study room!

2. Drawing and designing: I guess it's time for me to brush up my skills again. Never really draw properly for ages. Never touched my water colour for years already.

3. Exercise : Maybe go and climb Bukit Beruang hill again. I went there for the first time yesterday and only notice how weak I became. Didn't have proper exercises for nearly half a year. Very bad... very bad indeed. Only yesterday I came to know how much stamina I lost if compared to the days I were in school.

4. dancing : I really wanna take up dancing. Just wanna try it. I knew I say it many many times but no actions taken. Lets see if I can find myself a dancing patner to accompany me.

5. travelling : Yes, I'm going for a family outing to Penang, Ipoh, Kedah and Cameron Highland.

6. Shopping : Hang out with my friends before they leave malacca to study in KL.

7. Study : If I do very badly in my finals, probably I need to study during the holidays for my supplementary paper. Choi choi choi.. but who knows, I can't really understand BFN and BAC. Please help me.

8. Stay at home : So that I can get fairer abit. Many people has been complaining that I'm so tanned. Fine... not tanned.. dark then.

9. Experience night life : Dun care whether it's clubbing or just hang out at any cafe or mamak stall till late night ( which it's kinda impossible )

10. Sleep and more rest : Get myself more rest and sleep.

Sigh.. I'm wasting more time again writing this stupid post at this critical time where every seconds is valueble. I wish I have more more time to study! Argghhhhhhh.......

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