Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kuih Pie Tee :)


- Heya, haopo/feipo/popo/sohpoh tomorrow come my house for lunch around 1smtg ok? Yat gao yat gao wanna cook for lunch. - Jac -

- Ohh?? really?? okok.. set set. - Lene -

Yeap, today me, sue may, lydia, crystal, alex and melvin had lunch at Jac's house. Her wonderful bf ( yat gao yat gao ) made us lunch. Awwww.. how sweet. Here you are... presenting the nicest pie tee we tasted so far... JENG JENG JENG....

The whole pot of mengkuang is ours. Kakaka

There's our male model Melvin posing with a Pie Tee with thumbs!!Double satisfaction! and we graded it 8 out of 10! Woohooo! Jac's soooo lucky to have a bf that can cook. U fail la u Jac, I thought the girl suppose to cook one! But never fear... when there is yat gao yat gao, Jac will be safe. Heehehhehee.. :P:P

Some random picture of Alex and Sue May. We forced them to take a picture because they wore couple tee today. Hahhahaa.. Literally couple t shirt. Because of the matching colour and.... since the picture is too small, u can't really see the words on their shirt. The one on Alex is " Life is Good " and Sue May's one is " like a rainbow ". So if we they stand together it will be " Life is good like a rainbow ". Awww.. How sweet.. Hahhahaa.. I think Levis's designer should take note about this and pleaseeeeeeeeeeee design a nicer and more creative couple tee like these two shirt above.

Yawn* It's 1034pm now. Guess I have to go back to my books. Oh ya, just got my BFN marks and I got a very low mark. Very depress... moody.... I didnt expect to do sooo badly. Sigh. No point complaining, guess I'm going to study harder for my finals and hopefully I got higher marks in my assignments. Now when the hell that stupid accounts lecturer want to post up our mid term marks!!!!! Lazy lecturer! kkk.. gotta go..... guys.. start your engine... vroommm vroomm......


Eries said...


what about askin alex to cook? =P

i also fail. the bf can cook full course french meals... =( i suck!

Adelene said...

lol.. alex can cook. But me?? lol.. :P:P.. suck to the max. I told mum, she said nowadays gals all tak guna d, all dunno how to cook proper meal, guys pulak know how to cook. haha.