Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Hello people! It's been a busy week for me as my first paper begins tomorrow. Disaster! It is pretty different this semester than the past few. Why? Because I seem not to care much about my finals, no stress, no tension, no fear; everything is going slow and steady. Wonder if this is a good sign or not. Anyway, as my mind wanders every now and then, I suddenly thought of selling handmade cards here! =D So... yeah, I probably will post up a few of my handmade cards after my finals and if anyone is interested; you can just drop me a comment for any inquiries. For those who wants customization, do drop me a comment too and I'll try my best to fulfill your needs. =D Afterall, making cards is my pass time hobby, so stay tune.

Alright, back to studies... but maybe I should nap a little while before I start my engine. =p Hehee. All the best peeps!

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