Saturday, July 28, 2007

Looking Bad and Suffering from PAIN.

Seriously I look really bad these few days, not to say that I look good but at least better than these few days. I have messy hair ( which I cant seem to handle it no matter how hard I tried to comb it ), pale face, dark circle, eye bags ( due to lack of sleep everyday ) and worse still I got a large juciy PIMPLE last few days!!! ( probably due to exam stress ). Even with my worst looks, I still didn't care to put on make ups ( to make me look fresher and not so pale ) or whatsoever lately coz I'm too LAZY. Just few moments ago, I suddenly got a toothache. My wisdom tooth is creeping out and it's hurting me BADLY!!! PAINNNNN!!!! Now it's making me sick. Sigh... why all the bad things have to come at once? :(:(:(

p/s: In a bad mood/ toothache/ tired/ sick/lame-ness/boring/pain/pain/pain/pain.

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Alex said...

pats pats....