Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trip to the North.

Alrite, not that north la. Went to KL last two days with my parents to visit my sick relative, unfortunately, he doesn't wanna see us because he is a very stubborn old man refused to listen to any of our advices. Since the purpose to visit him is no longer there, we changed our plan to visit another relative of mine, so some shopping and hunt for food. Kekeke.

On the way up to north.
Upon our arrival at my brother's new apartment/condo, my mum showed me where Amber Chia once lived before. It is the same level as my brother's house but I still doubting whether they are telling the truth or just lie to me. However, my future sister in-law. hahaa, aka bro's GF said that it is true that Amber Chia used to lived there. Hmmm.. maybe that was before she got famous. Hahaha.
Anyway, my brother's new house is awesome. Simple and nice, for once I feel contented to have such a small apartment with nice interior and furniture. The colour is so nice, soft and warm. Suddenly, I feel that I don't need an extremely huge mansion in the future. Maybe a simple double story house with nice interior will do the trick. Also to save my $$$. LOL.

My brother's bathroom is a best place to camwhore, no less than the interior of a nice hotel bathroom. Heee.

Besides, my brother has a 32inches plasma TV in his room!!! WOW!! There's 3 rooms in the house, 2rooms with TV and 1 more in the living room. Cool. Too bad my brother removed the bath tub in his bedroom and replace it with a shower place instead. Boo.. :(

Had Kayu Nasi Kandar for lunch which costs us RM100!!!! It is delicious though, and the service is superb. Just like normal restaurants that you go, with air-cond, two plasma TV, waiters help to pour rice on your plate when you finished that kinda service.

Flock of birds at MV entrance. Many of them... exactly like a nest of bee attacking something.

Finally, I bought myself a pair of white shoes. As lovely as it seems, it is actually not comfortable for a long walk. I just get it for the sake of the show. Sigh.. It's 3and half inches. Hints hints* cough* taller* cough*

There you go, my lovely little jay jay forced to stay back in Melaka for two days. Pity him.


Alex said...

heee.. doggie have to stay at home.

and the shoe 3 inch!!!!!!!!! dowan walk near you d. hmmmphhhh

Adelene said...

lolx.. u just walked with me with my 3inches shoe jus now. Btw, the white one is 3 and half inches. kekekee.. tx dear for comin :)