Saturday, October 20, 2007


Alrite, I know that I have been missing for quite a number of days from blogging. Sad to say that I'm currently working part time in Shakey's Pizza, Jusco Melaka. Stop it! Dun even think of asking me to sneak you guys some pizza or mushroom soup okay. Hahaha.

So how was my job u might ask? Let's start with my....
1) Manager :
- Racist: He discriminate the chinese especially chinese guy. it's obvious alrite.
- Asshole : He's been such an asshole by ordering us the chinese here and there. Dun even ask him any question or else he'll show u one kinda face and shout " APA U MAU!!!!!"
- Bossy : Trying to act as though he is hellava great!
- Uneducated person : He's just like any samseng on the roadside, shouting here and there. All he cares is his food food and FOOD. Here's what happened:

Few days ago...
One kitchen staff yelling at another staff in the kitchen*
Kak Intan : (whisper) Shhhh... diam la.. ada customer kat depan tau.
Manager eating.
Kitchen staff still yelling.*
Manager continue eating.
Kak Intan : (whisper) eh dah dah... customer la...apa hal ni?
Manager : ( shout like budak samseng ) Apa hal ni!!! ( right in front of many customer while stuffing his burger inside his mouth ).
Staff continue fighting*
Manager shouted again asking what happened but his butt still glued to his chair trying to finish his food where as all the customers were looking wondering what had happened.
10minutes later....
manager finish his delicious burger.
No more yelling behind the kitchen
Now only the manager went in the kitchen to see what happened!!! after everything had settles! WTF.

What kinda manager is this?!!! Oh did I forget to mention that he is just an spm holder. Wawawa.. Sorry, I dun discriminate SPM holder or whatsoever. It's only him who thinks that he is a master holder and trying to act as though he is damn great.

2) Supervisor:
- Last two days, there came this new supervisor. On the first day itself he started to order us to do this, do that where as he himself knows nothing. NIL. Instead of introducing himself to us, bonding good relationship with us, asking us more about the job, he acts as though he is the manager himself.
- His favourite quote: " oooiii! jangan berkelompok kat sini!! asyik borak je. "
- Staff will answer him back " Tak de customer la sirrrrr.."
- His reply : " Macam tu pergi cari kerja buat! "
- It's like WTH, no customer what work to do wor!!! SWT SWT SWT. =_= !

Sigh, whatever it is these will be my last two days working in shakeys. My advise for u is NEVER EVER WORK IN ANY FAST FOOD RESTAURANT.

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