Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jewellery Fashion Show

Currently I'm involved in two fashion shows for this weekend. Don't look at me in a weird way, I'm just a temporary model just for this two events only because my friend's agent is lack of tall girls. To be frank, I can't even model well especially for the Diamond Show. The agent said that either our poses are too stiff, too exeggerate or no varieties, plus we dun look elegant and classy enough during practice. Sigh. Seriously it is not ez to think of so many hand movements to pose at each pit stop. In the end, I'll end up using the similar pose as before which is a NO-NO.

So what I did was went back home, sat in front of my computer and started searching Youtube for any jewellery fashion show and learn how they pose and how they move their hands. Now all I need is to practice more, hopefully I'll improve. Pray hard* Shit, my show is on Friday. Scary.

Fashion Show schedule:
1) Diamond show : 2nd November, Equatorial Hotel - Only limited to invited guest.
2) Bridal show : 3rd November, Dataran Pahlawan - Anyone who wish to have a look at ur dream bridal gown may go. :)

Whether to consider pursuing modelling, I'll say no because my dream is still on fashion design. However, it is still a great experience to at least experience once, standing on the runway where hundreds of spectators staring at you. How often do u get that attention? Besides, how often do you get the chance to wear a diamond necklace worth more than RM100k? Yes, u may say probably next time you can even buy one urself. For me, it is the experience that counts. No regrets even though they don't pay me for these shows. Furthermore, I did use my 3weeks break to the fullest. wink*

Too many things happened during these three weeks.
For the first 10days, I worked in Shakeys Jusco as a waitress. There goes my 1st week of holiday. 2nd week, get to know that I won 3prizes from the contest I joined, filled my 2nd week with lotsa smiles and happiness. 2nd week is more about resting and relaxing. 3rd week, bz with practice for the weekend show. Plus, I get to know that I passed all my papers! Wee! GPA not that great but still I improved by a mere 0.04. Ha Ha Ha. Not a 1st class though but still in my second upper. I suddenly felt more happier than before, I get back the feeling and moments when I was once in a fairy tale land. You know what I mean... the feeling when you fell in love with someone in the early stage where everything is fun, romantic, happy, where couples tease each other, so lovey dovey. Heee.. Thanks keen, somehow I felt we are as happy as the time we first met. Not to say the moment before this is a saddening one. Hahahaaa. Hmmm, seems a little difficult to explain, nvm, as long I know what I felt can d. How I wish good things doesn't fade away. Let's hope my fortune will change to a better one this time. :) smiles*

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