Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Genting Day 2.

Here are the left over pictures of Day 1.

Sorry.. I couldn't resisit myself not to camwhore under the beautiful crystal like thingy at the hotel lobby.Okay.. I know mich is going to say smtg about this pic. :P Yes mich, u r not the only one who camwhore in the lift. hahahaha.
Aww.. childhood memories. :) Nope Kelvin, u ain't going to get a picture of us here.
well, we gave in in the end. :)
The two gays posed
At torcella.
Middle east women in black playing Ghost Squad. I remembered someone whispered to me that she'll definitely win since she's from middle east.Especially if she's from Iraq. :P
Where can u get free place to sleep in Genting? The picture shows it all. At the arcade!! (It's not very clear here, but basically that two rows was filled with ppl sleeping. FOC. lol )

Us at the hotel lobby

Night view of Highland Hotel
Day 2

Love this airplane look alike tunnel which leads to the swimming pool. Well, the boys just wanna check out for hot babes in pools. Too bad there's only an uncle swimmig. Pity them. lol.

That's Amran. Where were we??
Karaoke session of course!! QJ singing this chinese song from Andy Lau.

Kelvin singing smtg I guess.
shhhhss. There's a secret about that guy in red shirt with glasses, Alex Liew. Dun be fool by her nerdy appearance. That dude can sing!! he can sing!! OMG, we didnt know he can sing! Hahahaa.. especially those oldist songs. We started out with pop, and slow songs until the last 30minutes..... we sang.. LINKIN PARK!! hahahaaa. We screamed, we yelled, we rapped. Basically we just scream at the top of our voice when we sang Crawling. lol. The finale song was Calculta the Taxi Driver. It was so much fun man although most of us loose our voice soon after that karaoke session.

Later that night, we went for appreciation dinner. Had buffet at this place.. forgot the name. Terrace smtg smtg. It's RM62 per head!! SO expensive. But they served everything you want range from local food, nyonya food, chinese food, western food, japanese food and indian food. You can have all the sushi-es that you want, all the salmon that u can eat ( hint hint* Huan Ren took a plate full of salmon twice!!! ). And there's the western corner which serves delicious pasta. yummy... and they have prawn mee, vegetable, essence of chicken, mushroom soup, etc. The best for me is the desserts. I had two scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup from the chocolate fountain. SO cool! there's even a choc fountain there.

The gang

Qj, Kristine and Kel

The food corners

There's Kel putting is head into that canon. This picture is not funny enough, u should see how QJ and Kel pose with the canon man. Pictures all in Sujj's camera. Aren't those lights look so beautiful???

After the dinner, we went and played pool and clubbed at Safari. Well, it wasn't a pretty nice place to club in the first place. The whole club is filled with middle east middle age people. The DJ even played some indian techno songs. Gosh.. sorry weiii... No discrimination k?

So that's about it la. The 2 days in Genting.

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