Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attention to All Drivers.

Here's an accident that happened couple of moments ago. Please refer to the figure below to understand more about what exactly happened.

( scene 1 )

I was standing outside MMU main gate waiting for my mum. I was half blind coz I took off my contact lenses. Anyway, after few minutes i saw my mum's car ( the purple one ), there's a motor behind her. Of coz and the red car who is breaking the law for being at the wrong direction of the road. Seconds after scene 1...

( scene 2 )

Disaster happened! The red car saw my mum's car but unfortunately he didnt see the motor behind my mum's car. Kaboom!! The red car crossed the road, knocked the poor innocent motorcyclist ( spot A ), the motor skidded and bang against my mum's car ( Spot B ). I was shocked when I saw how big the impact was. I was worried about the motorcyclist back then. thank god he's okay! That kinda impact might kill him anytime! Imagine being knocked TWICE!!

Obviously, the red car is taking a short cut to cut and cross to MMU without doing a big U turn. The consequences of it? Shown in those two figures above. Mum quickly came down from the car and went to check whether the motorcyclist is alright or not. The red car guy should be thankful that ntg happened to the motorcyclist, or else he'll regret for the rest of his life. Khei and Azra was there too and they came down and asked me what happened. As for mum, she went and settle with the red car guy. Took his car number and hp number. He admitted that it's his fault and got lectured by my mum for being so irresponsible and that kinda attitude might kill the motorcyclist back then, yada yada yada. After settling ours, we went back, and I wouldn't wanna know how he's going to settle with the motorcyclist. Hopefully there will no fights la. U know.. MMU students always engaged in fights. Sigh.

This post is to remind any ofyou ( including myself ) that if u happen to have the thought of using a short cut like this, please think of the consequences of doing so. Stop all that nonsense that you are a good driver and you'll look properly before you cross or whatsoever, because there's always a probability that u might just kill someone one day. By the way, one of fren just did the same thing the red car did this noon, I told him what happened and he promised he'll never do that again. Thank u for thinking that way :) :) Drive safe ppl.

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