Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding Bells @ Sg Petani

I've yet to update you guys on my trip up to Sg. Petani, Kedah for my eldest brother's wedding dinner which was held approximately 2weeks ago. So here it is, the post on the entire trip up north. =) I'll do a quick one since I'm actually kinda lazy to write everything in detail... so.. I'll just skip the "uninteresting" ones okay? Food lovers, make sure you fill your empty stomach by now or else you'll be drooling with the pictures of food I'm gonna post right here. Don't say I didn't warn you *wink*

Basically, I went up to KL on Thursday evening, stayed one night and headed up to Penang on Friday morning. Oh well, skipping two hours of E-Commerce class is nothing to regret of. Come on, how could anyone actually bear to listen to Tan Khong Sin for two freaking hours!! Especially with his cina accent where he pronounced and as "" and "TOH-YO-TA-TOT-COM-TOT-MY".. puhleaseeeee~ shoot me!!! Still, he is there to insult one of the students in his tutorial class for not being able to converse well in english.. look who's talking. Oops, wrong story... alright, back to the trip.

So, our first stop was at Ipoh where we get to enjoy the finest dim sum in Malaysia... yum yum~ Every bite of their siu mai, makes you ask for more... the prawns in their har gao, is sooo much bigger than in Melaka.... eating their egg tarts is like heaven!!!! Yummilicious~ Sorry, no pictures of the food because I was busy stuffing myself with dim sums. =p Just if you happen to drop by Ipoh, go hunt for this shop (points to the picture below). =D

What is breakfast without a nice hot and smooth tau fu fah right? My uncle said it is the best tau fu fah in town, so it is a MUST TRY. Very true indeed, it is very very smooth and sweet~ words just can't describe...
AHA! caught in act.. that was my second bowl =p
and so they did say that Ipoh is a food paradise where the food there are extremely nice and tasty. Who can forget their infamous salted chicken?!

As for me, I got tired waiting for them so I did some camwhoring =p I am just into stuff that is rather pictureque, even if it is just a red and white wall. Hahaha.

After that we travelled again.... tut tut tut tut.....cling cling cling... voom voom voom... and TADA! Finally we had reached Penang, just the brigde... just the bridge. Took us another hour to actually reach our apartment at Batu Feringgi. Fuh~ tiring day. Everyone took a rest and we went back down to Bukit Tambun for seafood!!! weeee!!

Now here's the part which I wanted to complain sooooo much!!! You see the picture up there? I mean the food in the pictures.. They are serial killers! They almost suffocated me to death! Fine, nevermind... they were being cruel to me by giving me rashes and stomach upset for hours. The worst part was I feel like vomitting but I just can't. In the end, they decided to give me a botox to add it all. "THANKS TO YOU!!!" - in short, I just got a major allergy due to one of the seafood I consumed and burnt a hole of my mum's wallet. Yea.. RM239 for two jabs!! Tried buying lottery with the number 2390 but it came out 2936... dang.

Finally, my brother's wedding dinner night. Everyone is dolled up and I only had one hour to get dressed up due to time constraint. Guess I shall let the pictures do the talking now~

I must say wedding dinner in Sg. Petani is rather different than in Melaka. The guests were punctual, there were no alcohol in that dinner, no table to table toasting, there was no dancing, and most of all the dinner ended at 9.30pm! wow!!! But, they have something extra we don't. They hired clowns to entertain the childrens... good idea ;)
Sunday morning, all of us headed back south from penang and stopped by somewhere near Kampar to have our lunch.

So shy~ I never seen any petrol station like that before so I took a picture with it as memory. Lol. =p

Welcome to Warong Mak Teh where they supposingly serve the best Mee Banjir Udang.

Well, nothing really special about the mee udang here except their prawns are REALLY huge. When I say really huge, I really mean it!

Unfortunately for me. I just recovered from my allergy so my dad banned me from taking any seafood at that moment. So as everyone enjoys their Mee Udang Banjir, I just have to settle with Mee TELUR Banjir.. sobs sobs.. how sad =(

Right after Mee Udang Banjir, we drove all the way down to Kampar for second round. Curry in Bread!! hmmm.. if that's what it is called. Hahahaha. It was pouring cats and dogs at that time, so we did a lil shopping along that row of shops to buy biscuits and jeruk. Later, back to KL and had our third eating session again. Yes!! It is sort of a food road trip to me, just eat, eat, eat, and eat! In the end, I gonna spend my time jogging just to burn the fats away. sigh~ Well, nothing is better than food aight ;)

That's the end of my road trip up north. The following weekends will involve lotsa eating too. Next Saturday, granduncle's 70th birthday at Equatorial Hotel. The following Saturday is officially my eldest brother's wedding dinner at Equatorial Hotel also. More shark fin soup for me... weeee!!!!! I'm signing off~


David Lee said...

I think hor, you are born to be an artist lo... Cuz I reli like those things u had shared out. Is interesting.

Adel said...

I was born to be an artist? What things that I shared out?? like what I post that makes u find it interesting?