Friday, November 10, 2006

First Week of Class.

First week of class.

I'm taking 3subject this sem, Microeconomics, Pyschology and Quality and Operation Management.

First day of class ( 6/11/06 )
- It was psychology. I always thought psychology is fun, but now I think I change my mind. I can't really blame my lecturer, it's just that the first chapter of psychology really make the whole class feel bored. Boring!! My lecturer did put an effort in trying to make this subject a little more interesting such as doing some love test from certain web, and...... asking students questions! Argh... everything is fine with me but not the question and answer sessions.. :( It scares me off every onw and then u know!!! Hooh... anyway, I'm really looking foward for a more interesting chapter from this subject. :)

Second day : ( 7/11/06 )
- BEC ( microeconomics ). Lecturer?? Sucks... just like my last sem lecturer. Not going to mention who is it. Can't really understand what's he teaching. Probably I really cant concentrate with this kinda lecturer. But how.. still need to score for this sem. Should I study all by myself or should I try my very best to listen to that sucky lecturer?? Hmm...

- Quality and Operation Management. Lecturer : young, quite good looking, interesting, funny, cool just like my secondary school tuition teacher Mr Huan. He is fun!! At first, Mich said that this subject gonna be hard and she was planning to drop it. However, we decided to go for the first class and see how good the lecturer is. Yes, he's indeed very good especially in entertaining us, students, trying to make the subject as interesting as possible. Hence, all of us continued with this subject.

Lene and Mich

Lin Pin, Lene and Mich.

Yea yea... all of us got bored and start gossipping and camwhoring in class. :P

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