Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back to School...

Sigh.... finally my sem break is over, back to class tomorrow. This sem's time table kinda suck. Yea yea.. I have few hours of classes on mon, wed and fri but so what? Tues and Thurs are pack like hell! I even have 4hours class straight. Oh my, must be tiring! Besides I have to sacrifice not having lunch with Alex for two days!!! Nightmare... :( :( and I can hardly meet Alex on Tues and Thurs. See.. sucky time table. I know we can choose our own time table la~, but then most of my friends choose this time table so I follow lo. If I dun, then I'll be all alone in the class. Lonely..... I'm so lonely.... I have nobody.......... lala~. Okok, a bit crazy right now. Kinda depressed at the moment because my dad refused to speak to me for 3 days already. Why? Coz I just lost his digital camera in Philippine. I know i know... Padan muka rite? Sigh... This is the second time he acts cold towards me. The first time was a long ago incident. Well, I still think it's his fault though for the first incident. Arghh.. nvm. The problem is now he doesn't talk to me anymore. Don't care la, I'm trying to get this out of my mind now. It's been bothering me since last two days. I know my dad won't be so good didn't scold me for loosing his camera. He's using some psychology to make me feel even more bad. Gah! whatever!!

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