Friday, November 24, 2006

Exam! exam! exam!

Exam fever is back!!! Arghhh... However this time, I dun feel tense at all. What's wrong with me for not feeling nervous at all and I have not started anything for BOM exam on monday. I'm so so dead. 3chapters to cover in 3days. Hope I can do it la... since I so rajin do all the tutorials until i became sort of famous in class, "thanks" to Michelle for pointing fingers at me when the tutor ask who finish their work. Anyway, what I have to study this two weeks. For the next three days, I'll only concentrate on BOM since it's on monday. Then probably monday night I'll start studying for my psychology and after that I'll concentrate on Microeconomics only since they change the date to 13th December. Wee! good news for me, bad news for some of my friends who have cyberpre exam on that very day itself.

Today's chronology :
- 10am : Kirks screamed when he saw a cockroach next to him, everyone was looking at him including the lecturer. How embarassing... A guy afraid of a small tiny cockroach. Haha.. ok la, better not ejek him d or else I'm so going to get bomb by him. :P

- 12pm : Went to MP after class with Lydia, Su May, Alex and Kirks. Bought Kirks a colar t-shirt as promised. Ish... Hey! now u owe me one!! hehee... By the way, the shirt is purple colour.. striking purple colour shirt. wee! He promised that he's going to wear it on Tuesday, people, please... tease him as much as possible, call him a gay or something if not sia sia only i buy for him. haha. After that we went for lunch at Pan and Wok. I have this pork mushroom thing which taste awesome!! So basically, the guys.. the gelojoh guys stole some sauce from me. Ish.. haha, and they finish off the leftovers. Gelojoh betul..

- 2.30pm : Went back to mmu, and have a drink at mesra with Lydia, Kirks and Crystal til 4pm.
-4pm : went to BOM tutorial.
-5pm : Went to the library and meet alex at 6pm.
- 8pm : went for voices (debate) training... I sucked to the max, I can debate at all, I cant think outside the box. I'm so... sigh.. everytime after debate I feel that I'm pretty useless actually. Anyway, this time I didnt shiver as much as last time. Wait... I think I stop shivering when I went up and speak. Weird... but of coz, I spoke nonsense and my english.. OMG... damn poor. Sigh.
- 12am : went for supper at Time Millineum and back home at 12.30am.

That's it for today.. nothing much happened lately therefore, I do not have anything to blog about. We'll just wait and see anything interesting events ahead. :) :)

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