Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Ola!! It's been quite awhile since I update my blog huh. Well well... I'll just post some random post this time to keep u guys entertain. =)

Two guys that act like " ah sam " shopping for clothes @ Jonker.

" wahh... two for RM19.90 wor, come lets dig for more clothes. "

and finally I got caught red handed for taking their pictures. Kekekeke.

Anyway, I made myself Nachos yesterday!!! So assuming that it's my first time making it and without knowing what ingredient they use. I just recall the taste of nachos that I ate in Philippines two years ago.. hmm.. a little tomato.. chilli... and extra extra cheeseeeeeeeeee.. Tada! it taste AWESOME!!!!!

Oh ya, my worst nightmare!! I got the worst pimple I ever get in my entire life!!!!! Thankfully, Nixodem saves my day! =) It's getting better now.

* told ya its a random post*

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