Monday, September 15, 2008

Shall I Dance?

I know I have been saying this for the hundredth times that I love dancing. It's addictive especially when you see how others dance so beautifully. It was that night when we had a night out at Geographers where they played dance music like the cha cha, rock & roll, and waltz. Instantly, I was in a dancing mood but... the problem is... I do not know how to dance. Well, not exactly.. I just know the basic of each dance plus there's no one to dance with.. how sad.

So, I've been spending most of my time when I'm on9 browsing through Youtube for dance videos.. Yeap.. thanks to Youtube, my forever love. Below are the two videos that I find it interesting especially the first one.

The Vienesse Waltz.

So beautiful... so graceful... nah, I can never dance like that. Then, I came across another video which is the cha cha cha. I'm soooo gonna learn this routine!!!!

*after an hour*
- adelene manages to learn the steps of the female part- hooray~

p/s: hmm but what's the point right? I don't have a partner to dance with..

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