Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Diamond Show at EQ.

Besides the bridal show that I did on Saturday at Dataran Pahlawan, I also did a diamond show at EQ hotel on Friday night. I'm a little lazy to write about the whole show since it's ntg much to write about it also. All we did was waited 4hours before the show starts; did some rehearsal, drank coke and sprite and wait for the VIPs to come. The best thing is the chance to wear diamond necklace and earrings... hehehee.

Typical toilet shot in EQ washroom.

Gals can do crazay things too! Muahahaa.. Nah, they are not kissing anyway.

Pose with our jewelleries.

Group picture.

LOLX... crazy pose again.

The models

Jaclyn, Chelse, Kristine and I

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