Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hmmm... I smell alcohol....

Yesterday, Mr Kat was being angelic to everyone of us ( our gang la ). We were in FBL computer lab doing assignments until he reached his hand deep into his bag and pulled out this box. Mysterious box.... opened it up... TADA!!!!!!


See see!!! Soooooooo cute rite???!! It is the teeny weeny alcohol bottle chocolates!! I was actually very excited about it. In fact, I was pretty dumb initially for thinking it is really alcohol( as in liquid form ). Hey! I didn't know it is a chocolate okay... Anyway, each of this alcohol has different taste according to their packaging. We have whisky, XO, Malibu, Vodka and some other liqour.

What so special about? Firstly, u got to take the first bite of the bottleneck, after that say cheers to ur patner and then slowly sipped the alcohol in it. Lastly, finish off ur last bite of the chocolate... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Thank you Kat!!!! Love it alot.. and I wan this for my christmas or bday present!! can can? LOLX. or just tell me where the hell did u get it, I can gv alex as christmas prezzies. Hehehee.. Anyway, I took the chocolate which is Malibu flavoured. Kekekekee... nice nice!!

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