Monday, April 02, 2007

ROOooooAAARrrrrr..... ( A Trip to the ZOO )

For once I felt I did something worth and feeling happy throughout my 20 years of life. It all goes back to last sunday, april fool day, where we ( the careclub members ) decided to bring the orphanes from the salvation army to have some fun. The " all-time " favourite place for kids.. The Melaka ZOO.

Despite the bad weather ( pouring cats and dogs ) for nearly 2 and half hour, we insisted to bring the orphanes to the Zoo. We reached at the Salvation Army Orphanages about 9.30am and were greeted with a warm welcome by the two caretakers ( both of them flew all the way from america jus to take care of these kids. ) and the orphanes. Tell you what, those orphanes have more manners than most of us here u know. When they see us, they smile happily and greet us " Halloooo!! Good morning!!! ". My heart went "Awwwww.. so sweet of them ".

All the kids hopped into the bus, and here we gooooooooooooo!! Let's go to the zoo.. lala~ Most of the orphanes here always gain for attention due to their background. Therefore, you won't be surprise that they automatically hold your hands and cling to you all the way in the zoo. Really pity them that they dun get the loves from their parents. :( Now, think how lucky we are here to have parents by your side, guide you, teach you to be a betterman.

The kids were excited seeing all those animals!

enjoying the live show in the zoo... the kids were scared by SNAKES! LOL

my group of kids that I looked after. Don't we look adorable! :P:P

They having their drawing session of their favourite animals

At the mean time, we took the chance to have a picture together. :)

All of them enjoys feeding the elephants.

Say cheeeeeeeeseeeee!!
Took our last shot in the Zoo...

All of us were pretty tired walking the whole zoo and I'm really surprise how some smaller kids manage to walk all way long. Of course they were some who really can't take it, got tired, sulk and cry. Ouch! Sujj, huan ren, huan ren's fren and wei pin backpacked a few kids that were tired. I didn't know Huan Ren can really carry them throughout the journey. Well, good training before you become a mother huan ren! LoL.

In return of their tireness, we treated the kids McDOnalds!!!!!!! All of them were so happy about it! According to Phil ( the american caretaker ), even an ice cream can make them happy. See, they don't get to eat these very often you know unlike us.

Overall, it is a tiring and enjoyable day with 30 orphanes and 11adult. I really give my full respect and salute the caretakers for able and willing to take care of all these 30 orphanes. Imagine us with 30kids... headache. By the end of the day, all of us made a conclusion of getting ONLY 2child maximum when we get married. hahahahaa.... taking care of children isn't that easy after all. Now think how much your parents had contribute to you!

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