Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1 Down, 3 more to go!

I'm talking about assingments and presentation again. I know all of u are getting sick of reading my recent post about assignments assignments assignments. Guess u all have to just bare with me then because my life wasn't filled with excitements and dramas for the past few weeks. Today, we did our business plan presentation for 5MINUTRES ONLY!!!! We are supposed to have 20minutes to present it. Due to the shortage of time, our lecturer cut down the time to 15minutes. Fair enough. For your information, there are 4groups that going to present today. As expected, the first group took half an hour to finish their presentation which left only 30minutes for 3groups to present. How selfish!! Nevermind, our lecturer then cut down the time again to 10minutes for each group. The second group took 15minutes to finish while the third group took another 15minutes, which also means that times up! There's not enough time for us to present anymore. However, we still insist to present today and all the classmate is supportive enough to be late for their next class just to watch our presentation. ( typical mmu students, we are willing to go late for class at any circumstances. kekekeke ) Anyway, we did our fastest presentation ever!! 5minutes is our record. We present it in 5minutes ONLY!!! Not really happy about it though and we felt that it's soooo unfair for us to get such limited time. Dang! whatever la..

All of us looks so focus here.... Look at the intensity in our eyes.
Yes...all of us are commited in this bakery wannabe game :P
Here's Lydia trying to teach Jac
Our Hawaiian flower lace for our business plan presentation

Now, I gotta rush for my Financial Management assignments that's due this Friday and I have another quiz tomorrow which I dun even know which chapter is coming out. Damn. Dun care la.. I'm really sick today. Maybe I'll go to bed early and study tomorrow then. After this assignment, I have to discuss for our debate which falls next tuesday. Have to prepare the report and so on. The motion of the debate is " Excellent certificate ensures success in the future ". So, which is better?? Anyone please feel free to comment okie? I really need ur help in this. Thanks! By the way, I really think that our group isn't going to win the debate afterall. I'm against a good speaker here and as I concerned, I can't debate at all! I wouldn't say that I'm really suck in presentation but I can assure you that debate is not at my favour. So behold! We'll see what can I do next week. Hope I do well. :) :) After that, I still have a mock meeting to do. Have no idea what's this about. We'll just wait and see when the times come then. Till then, adios!

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