Thursday, April 12, 2007

Have A Break...

Argghh..... stretch* Finally, I got the chance to have a break and grasp for air for a moment after a long hectic, stress and tiring weeks. Don't ask about my exam, it sucks to the max. I think I did very bad this time. Sigh... shouldn't have taken marketing for granted. Although it is in a MCQ format, this subject really is not as easy as it seems to be. According to Dae ren, only 10% of the student in his class passed that subject and he is one of them la. Hahaha.. Hew.. SO scary. Which mean only 20 person pass out of 200 students? Oh my! Now I'm getting even more nervous about my result. Anyway, I'm glad that my mid terms over. At least I have one whole day to rest before I get into the battle field again next week. Yeap, financial management assignment due next friday, business plan presentation next tuesday and statistic quiz on Wednesday. Right... more work to do.

Anyway, let's not talk about works anymore or else everyone will get bored here. Frankly speaking, I really got nothing to blog about lately unless you wanna hear all my whines la. I think better not. Hmmm... okay, I'll just talk about events happening around MMU lately. Well, last few weeks, we had 2 proms - Lost Masquerate and Trinite ( the last temptation ). Nah, I didnt go for any of them this year. On the contrary, I lended most of my evening dresses to my friends. Hmmm.. I think I'm capable enough to rent dresses for events huh. Hahaha. This week, CLC and FIST is just like a mini jonker. They sell everything range from food to drinks. So, u can imagine how a pasar malam will be like in MMU. Of coz, we, students are soooooooooo happy and facinate about it. Why?? More food!! FOOD = HAPPINESS. :) grins* Then last few days, some company came and promote the latest Windows Vista!! Woohoo!! And it's not fair because ONLY FIST students will get it for free! Hump! This weekend, MMU Chess Club will be holding a MMU Chess Open Tournament. Currently there are about 100 over participants. Wee! Gonna be a tiring day man.. So that's it la.. got nothing much to write here. ciao.

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