Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jay Jay ....

Aw.. I miss my Jay Jay already. Currently he's in his old house again with his mummy and friends. Just because my parents and I will be leaving to KL early tomorrow morning and will only be back on Sunday night. So, without us there to look after him, Jay Jay have to go back to his old home.

Something really open my eyes about Jay Jay today. What happen was we were on the way to his old house in Cheng. During the journey Jay Jay seems to act normally not until we reached a traffic light junction to enter to Aunty Lee's housing area. When mummy stop at the traffic light, Jay Jay started to act a little bit weird. He started making some kind of sound... as if......... he sense that he'd been here before. For ur info, Aunty Lee's house is another 1km from the traffic light. Amazingly Jay can sense his old house... I was really amazed by his capability. Never underestimate a dog ( or puppy ) sense of smell.

As we drove further in, Jay continued making that weird sound, jumping here and there. Finally we arrived. There in front of the gate stood two giant dog. A rotweiler and a husky. The rotweiler aka Hei Yu looked hugeeee but came to know about it, he's just a puppy. A puppy that big?!! Further inside the house was a Dachshund... black, long body and fierce. Mum told me that Aunty Lee has 6dogs all together but I couldnt spot another 3.

After waiting for Aunty Lee to let us in, Jay suddenly became excited... too excited I assumed. Before my dad put him down on the floor, Jay straight away jump and ran towards his mother ( The Dachshund ). Wow! Jay knew that was his mum but unfornately Lulu ( the dacshund ) was a little uncertain about him. Maybe haven't see Jay for quite some time so she might need some time to clarify that's her son. ZOOM!!! Later on, Aunty Lee brought out Jay's dad ( Pomeraniain ). woohoo! I felt in love with that dog the first time I met him. We call him Kor Kor as he's the eldest and only male among his siblings. I can tell u.. he looks fanstatic! stunning! With his golden brown fur.. wow! Besides, Kor Kor is a really good and obedient dog. He doesn't move, bark or even play alot as he's sick. So far in my lfie I never seen such an obedient dog. Serious.. After an hour or two, there came another 2 pomeranian. The jack-eye Pomeranian aka Zozo and the fractured- leg Pomeranian Mei Mei. Both are so adorable and lovely. When Aunty Lee let them out from their cage, they straight run and jump towards my mum followed by me.. so so so cute. ehehehe... and most importantly for me is that they dun bite! even if u put ur finger or hand in front of them. They'll just lick it... so so so nice.. I love them! haha.

About 10.30 pm, we made a move leaving Jay Jay behind.. awww... I bet he'll enjoy his stay within these two days because all his friends are there ma~ I gonna miss him.. no one to play with tonite... Aww.. Absences does make ur hearts fonder especially the one u care. :( Im not only talking about Jay here, I'm talking about my keen aso. :( Miss him so much.. Sob sob. Okok, so there we go, had our dinner at bukit cina mamak stall and here I am posting this blog.

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