Sunday, June 15, 2008

ALex's Birthday Bash!

As far as I concern nothing beats this birthday boy's 21st birthday bash! We have food, food, food; alcohol, alcohol and MORE alcohol; and three drunkards at the end of the party. Despite having a last minute planning, it turns out to be one of the nicest birthday bash I ever went so far. Nothing beats this, seriously.

Warning: This might be a long post. I have the urge to blog every single details of the party.

The day started out pretty boring because Alex, Lin Pin, Cheok and I had 2 insurance exams to seat from 12.30pm till 6.30pm. Pity the birthday boy, Alex... half of his day just gone like that. Let's fast forward to what happened at night then...

*fast forward*

So here we are at Ocean Palm celebrating Alex's birthday. Approximately 30-35 friends came and the best part of it, most of them are CRAZY!! Below is the picture of these crazy bunch of peoples.

Everything still looks very decent and nice just like a typical birthday party here. Everyone got hungry and started whacking every food that is on the table. Ahem, as you can see in the picture above, we have cokes and lotsa bottles of alcohol if u look closely. Well, isnt it obvious that the idea of coke wasn't really for the sake of drinking like that, the main aim is of coz to be the mixer for those alcohols!

The night began pretty quickly with Kirks and Vannessa trying their best to drunk Alex. Since it was his birthday after all, all he had to do is to down every cups that offered to him. LOL. An hour later....

Alex turned HIGH. His face turned red and his bloodshot eyes signified that he is TIPSY. Yeap, not quite yet... he's just tipsy. Half an hour later....

This bloody fella started to show signs by talking craps... he started to talk nonsense, he started to laugh like "org gile", he started hugging Vanessa saying something, and he can even CURSED/CACI when he is drunk. Now, he is officially doomed!

There he is at his limit lying on Vanessa. The quote for this picture " you are wrong, you are wrong.. I'm not gonna puke at her shirt.. I'm gonna puke in her shirt..." That is him drunk. If I'm not mistaken, this guy here got more than 6shots yesterday.. plus he is a bad drinker.. really bad drinker :P

Before he lost total conciousness, Mich and I quickly prepared the cake blowing session just in case he really KO later that nite. So here are the cuppacakes all the way from KL that brought us lotsa trouble. U better appreciate this Alex.. especially to Crystal and Lydia.. and Mich too, and Kat for sending Crystal and Lydia to pick up the cake.

Afraid one cake might not be enough, I ordered another cake from secret recipe. Blueberry cheeseeeee.. the only cheese cake I eat. Wanted to buy Banana Choc but only to remember that Kirks HATES bananas..

The birthday boy still concious happily cutting his cake after being smashed by whipped cream. Sorry Alex, I'm one of them... it was actually Darryl's idea to get a food-fight full cream cake, but I suggested whipped cream. I know you are gonna kill me for that. :P
Doesn't he look sexily hot in his wet look. Faints* LOL. By the way, that's whipped cream on his hair. kekekeee.. evil laugh*
DO you know how bloody long for this dude to blow his candles.. and how long it tooks him to cut that freaking cake.. coz most of the time he kept on caci-ing ppl non stop. There there.. another picture of him caci-ing Kirks. Not very nice Alex... tsk tsk tsk.
That's his lansi look.. mentah mentah is his birthday, everyone has to wait for this "dai siu ye" to cut his cake.

Group pictures with the guys... the girls picture is in van's camera. Will get from her if I can. :)

Crazy people.
And finally the birthday slept soundly... btw, that secret recipe bag eventually became his throw up bag. LOL. Will continue for the next part- stay tune.

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