Tuesday, May 27, 2008

360 degree

Sorry for being lost in the mist for the past one month, nothing particular to blog about lately and mostly are just some minor outing with friends and family. Exam period over, 4months industrial training to come. The only " holiday " I get is this week and I have to make sure I use it to the fullest. :)

My gang of friends went back to their hometown respectively and I won't be seeing them for another...err... 4months i suppose due to industrial training of course. As for me, I will be busy running around meeting potential clients, convincing people to get themselves insurance. Hence, will be pretty busy as well.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage that I took this job is that I do not have any basic pay. My pay will be according to the commission of my sales.. no worries, I'm trying to think on the bright side.. probably I have bright future in selling insurance in the future.. and perhaps I can see if I have the ability to convince someone. HAHA.. oh gosh, i'm just trying to comfort myself that I wont be getting any pay for the next 4months unless I sell some thing. People! if you know any of your parents, cousins, aunty, uncle, cucu, cicit, or ur pet who wants to buy insurance, dun hesistate to contact me ya! i'll be there whenever you are free. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I haven't really entered the main topic for today. It's not a post about my life this time.. Yesterday I went Windmill at Jusco with my parents, and behind me I heard a young voice ( kid's voice ) saying something unproper.

Adelene eating her fish and chip happily.. until...

SML ( small little girl )

SML: Kanasai.. kanasai..
SML: kansai kanasai... heheee... kanasai....

She's prolly at the age of 4-5 ONLY, and she started saying KANASAI this word?!! What's best, her mum didn't really care at all.. well maybe a little bit.. all she did was..

SML mum : bu ke yi zhe yang jiang de.. ( "cannot say like tat" in a very soft tone )

Obviously the small little kid wouldn't care la! and she continued "kanasai kanasai kanasai.." I tell you, kids nowadays.. sigh.. parents nowadays... double sigh. I remembered I was once like this too when I was very small, I got influenced by my peers in primary with the bad word " ccb ". So one day I fought with my brother in the car, and i spilled out the word " CCB! " and I got myself in a hot soup. My dad fired me like hell after that.. since then I never dare to say or even scold any bad words. Sometimes I feel its good that my parents is strict towards me, at least I don't go around saying " CCB.. fcuk.." and stuff like that.. I'm not saying I'm purely saint or what, I do accidentally spilt out when I was mad and I got so used to the word " oh shit! ".

I remembered last year I was late for class and I went " oh shit oh shit! im late!! ", my dad scolded me for saying so. Sigh.. I know I'm wrong.. although it's pretty normal for people to say that nowadays but still it's improper rite? I know I know. hahaha.. Basically what I wanted to say here is that parents really does play a role in educating their children, words like "kanasai" shouldn't be heard from a 4-5year old child in the first place. The world has turn 360degrees.. there's nothing more I can say.. Now think about it again, maybe I will be as strict as my dad towards my kids in the future.. how pitiful, but it's for your own good my future kids. LOL.

before I stop, I will like to wish everyone...

and to those who's going for industrial....

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