Wednesday, September 06, 2006

keen's birthday..

have ntg to say about it. I can really see that he's actually very sad, im not there to accompany him, no birthday cake, no birthday song, no surprise party or whatesoever, stupid and lame present, and he's having freaking exam tomorrow. :( I was kinda moody and sad about this whole thing. Can't do anything to make him happy on his birthday, was really dissapointed and sad. It starts out pretty bad for a day. I can barely meet him for 3hours on his birthday itself.

8-11.30 : Having classes, suppose to end at 12, butthe lecturer finished it early.
11.30-12 : meet alex, have lunch at ep. EP food for a birthday lunch... grrr
12-1 : Alex have classes.
1.15- 2.15 : meet alex and went to chess booth.
2.30 - 5.00 : PTPTN briefing. Alex came to see me before he left to Cyberjaya for debate training.

And that's it. That's the how many "hours" I met him today on his birthday itself. Pretty sad rite, especially him. Having birthday parties every year, suddenly this year there's nothing for him. I tried to do something to make him feel better, but i guess it didn't help much. Sigh... Stupid ideas I suppose, thought can at least makes someone smile or at least dun feel that his birthday is lame to the max. Maybe, I was wrong... Keen did thank me and stuff but I just feel he's not quite happy with it. Understand... sigh......... really feel so useless......sob. Darn im so emotional!!

p/s : We have to wait for the damn freaking long queue for the PTPTN officers so check our documents. It's about 3 hours and even alex from Melaka had reached Cyberjaya d! Soo... SO... inefficient.

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