Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of 2008

That's it, the clock is ticking and in another 4hours and 53minutes; we shall bid goodbye to 2008! =D Here comes the last and final post for 2008 before I take a step into 2009. Overall this year has been a year with ups and downs. Sadness, disappointments, breakups, arguments, unlucky events, mistakes and so on. On the contrary, my year is filled with much joy, happiness, fun.

Something new about me in 2008: (not everything I stated here is good)
- I club more than I used to.
- I drink more than I used to.
- I hang out till late nights more often.
- I went for karaoke for the first time.
- I have more closer friends to hang out with.
- I got myself 5months holiday (internship)
- I got my hair cut short.
- I attended the most 21st birthday party I ever attended in a year.
- I spent more than 400 for friend's birthday presents throughout the year.
- I get to pass my curfew a few times due to the absentism of my parents.
- I learn how to cross the road (during my internship).
- I made myself eligible to be the guys "heng dai".
- I broke up and am single again.
- I dislike a person for no reason (well, actually there is a reason, just that it doesnt make sense)
- My life shorten the moment I started my FYP.
- I celebrated Christmas with my friends for the first time.

and the list goes on and on. The rest are the not so significant ones.

So there, 2008 is ending soon and everyone is outside hoo-ha-ing to welcome the new year. For once I decided to be good and stay at home waiting for this year to end. Perhaps 2009 will be a better year for me ( ya rite! with more FYPs and recession going on when I'm about to graduate.)

It's been a tradition in this blog that I will state my new year resolutions: For 2009...

1. I shall be good and stop partying so often.
2. I have to work hard for my last and final semester.
3. I must graduate at least 3.5 and above.
4. I must exercise every single day or at least 4times a week.
5. I must drink more water to replenish my skin.
6. I must improve or make full use of my talent/learn something new.
7. I must improve my english in terms of writing and speaking.

Till then,


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