Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post CNY

First of all, sorry y'all for the 11days absenteeism from this blog. I will not further explained why I went MIA even though there were many interesting and happening things that revolved around me lately. Let me put it in one word to explain it all, Lazy. I'm just lazy for the past 10days and not forgetting with tonnes of workload carrying on my back. Sigh.

Anyway, let's not go deeper into that since I'm here to talk about my CNY this year... alrite.. yea.. I know it's a littlee bit too late for that, but hey! it's not chap goh mei yet and it is still CNY. Gosh.. I'm getting too far again.. Well, I'll just let the picture do the rest of the talking then.

that's my little nephew in a cute silky sam fu.
mua mummy and I
As usual for the peranakan culture, we usually need to soja (its similar to wishing the elderly) before we can grab hold our ang pao into our pockets.
The typical sentence that we usually will say is " panjang panjang umur " which means long life. Then the elderly one will always say " pandai pandai surat " if you are still studying. Every single year the same old sentence. hahaaa.
Take a closer look at jay jay, he had a red ribbon around him! hhee.. so cuteeee..
Jay Jay wants to soja my dad to get ang pao to buy himself a nice treats.

Haha, now this is unusual coz we even soja-ed my eldest bro just to get his ang pao. note: He's not married yet.
Later after that, we usually head to the temple to pray before we start the house visiting part.

In koh poh seh house where other relative will soja the elderly.
elderly sounds bad huh.. hahahaha!!

my nephew.. hehe
my cousin's dog Bobo was dressed nicely on CNY.

U know.. I have to act cute just to take a picture with her coz she's just too cute... I dun wan myself to look like as though I'm so freaking old here. lol.
Basically, there's nothing interesting during this year's CNY. I didn't even visit any of my friend's house. All I did was gamble with my family.... haha.. the results? let's just say I'm in a bad luck then. :( Hmm.. I guess that's about it la, a boring CNY this year.

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